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Name: Anthony Stewart Head
Character: Rupert Giles
Date of Birth: Febuary 20, 1954
Birth Place: Camdentown, England
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'1
Favourite food: Pizza: Mushroom and extra anchovies.
Favourite TV show: Friends and E.R., The Adventures of Hiram Holiday, The Dick Van Dyke Show.
Favourite book: Terry Pratchett's books; Fahrenheit 451 and Golden Apples in the Sun by Ray Bradbury, Frannie and Zooey.
Favourite music: Little Feat, Lowell George, Ann Peebles; soul music
Hobbies: Horse riding, swimming, scuba diving, piano, guitar, stage fighting
School: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.


He has a brother, Murray Head; Daughters, Emily Rose and Daisy May. Also he went to London Academy of Music and Arts.
He has been with his partner Sarah Fisher since 1982. Sarah is an animal trainer.
He has two daughters, Emily Rose Head; born 1988; and Daisy May Head; born 1990.
His father, Seafield Head, is a documentary producer.
His mother, Ciaran Madden, is an actress.
He has a brother called Murray Head who is also an actor.
He Appeared as the male half of the Taster's Choice couple in the popular series of coffee commercials (1990-1997).
He has a tattoo on his left shoulder.
His left ear is pierced.

Movie Appearances:

Rock Star (2001)
Royce (1994) .... Pitlock
Prayer for the Dying, A (1987) .... Rupert
Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981) .... Anton

TV Appearances:

"Manchild" (2002)
"Ripper" (2002) .... Rupert "Ripper" Giles
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997-) .... Rupert Giles
Rocky Horror 25: Anniversary Special (2000) .... Himself (songs "Wise Up"/"Janet Damnit"/"Hog Dog")
100 Greatest TV Ads, The (2000) (archive footage)
Best Actress (2000) .... Colin Truemans
Roger Roger (1996) .... Jimmy Price
"VR.5" (1995) .... Oliver Sampson
Woof Again! Why Me? (1992)
"Lillie" (1978) (mini-series) .... William Le Breton

Notable TV guest appearances:

"Silent Witness" (2001) .... Two Below Zero
"Silent Witness" (2001) .... Henry Hutton
"Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" (1999) .... Dr. Staretski
"Jonathan Creek" (1997) ....Adam Klaus
"NYPD Blue" (1995) .... Nigel Gibson
"Ghostbusters of East Finchley" (1995) .... Terry
"Highlander" (1993) .... Allan Rothwood
"Detectives, The" (1989) .... Simon
"Comic Strip Presents, The" (1988) .... Recording Studio Engineer
"Woof!" (1988)
"Boon" (1987) .... Richard Rathbone
"Spenser: For Hire" (1985)
"Comic Strip Presents, The" (1984) .... Ricki
"Bergerac" (1981) .... Bill


Godspell .... Jesus
Rocky Horror Picture Show .... Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Julius Caeser
The Heiress
Peter Shaffer's Yoandab at the Royal National Theatre


Taster's Choice