Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense

Name: Anyanka
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Works at the Magic Box/ Vengeance Demon
Anya started out as Anyanka, not only a vengeance demon, but one akin to the patron saint of scorned women. For years she granted the wishes of women who had been wronged by men - and you can bet those were cruel punishments on men.

Why Sunnydale?

Anya came to Sunnydale to grant the wish of Cordelia Chase who had been given a tough time after Xander was caught kissing Willow. Cordelia's wish didn't really have anything to do with Xander, she wished for Buffy not to have ever come to Sunnydale (about as short sighted as my planning that). So with no slayer in town, The Master rose and conquered Sunnydale. Before Cordy was killed by a vampire Willow and Xander, she told Giles of what had happened. Here's where it went bad for Anya, Giles used a spell to summon her and then destroyed her necklace destroying the source of all her demon powers, cancelling the wish and trapping Anya in the body she had taken to fool Cordy into making a wish. The demon D'Hoffryn refused to change her back and she was left not old enough to buy beer and not bright enough to pass math. Her life has recently seen a lot of life changes in her 1124 years. Anya tried at first to get her powers back, but that failed miserably and only succeeded in bring a vampire Willow to Sunnydale. After the gang dealt with that, Anya decided to pretty much sulk about being a student and moan that she had feelings. Eventually though she asked Xander to the prom and proceeded to behave normally for a while.


Anya has a pretty good knowledge of demons (helps having been one), however she would also appear to be as defenseless as Willow and Cordy - pretty unfortunate seeing how she had been a pretty dangerous demon. Direct Anya doesn't understand a lot of things in life, politeness and tact are two of the more obvious aspects, but perhaps worse is her naivety towards romance it is rivalled only by the man eater known as Faith.

Anya has been accepted as a primary member of the Slayerettes and it seems as if everyone is letting bygones be bygones. Although Anya has gotten in touch with her human side, she stills shows her arrogance and demon-nature by butting into conversations and biting into Xander (literally). With Giles returning to England to cope with the death of Buffy, Anya officially became the top dog at the Magic Box.

After being left at the alter by Xander, she has returned to her vengeance demon state at the request of D'Hoffryn.