Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense

Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Date of Birth: January 1981
Place of Birth: Los Angeles,CA
Occupation: Slayer/School Counselor

Buffy Summers was born in January 1981 to Hank and Joyce Summers. As a child, she went through a phase during which she idolized ice-skater Dorothy Hamill, and was close friends with her cousin Celia until she died.

Buffy started her high school career at Hemery High in Los Angeles, where she was a popular cheerleader; in 1996 she was elected Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen. That same year, Buffy was contacted by a man named Merrick, who told her that she was the Chosen One, the Vampire Slayer.

Though Buffy was skeptical, it was true; Merrick was her Watcher. But Merrick was killed, and in Buffy's attempts at slaying, she managed to burn down her high school gym. Around that time, Joyce and Hank finalized their divorce, and Buffy moved with Joyce to 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale in 1997.

She enrolled at Sunnydale High School, where the school librarian, Giles, informed her that he was her new Watcher. Though reluctant, Buffy was sucked full force into the life of a Slayer. Buffy became friends with Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, and to some extent, Cordelia Chase; and later with Willow's boyfriend Oz, all of whom know that she is the Slayer (as does her mother, finally) and often help in her endeavors.

Buffy finds a love interest in Angel who is a vampire with a soul. Their relationship is doomed from the start. After much heartache Angel moves to LA, and Buffy must start a new life at collage, and founds a new love interest in Riley which ended kinda badly. Her most recent love interest was oddly enough, Spike, but that has seemed to end as well.

Buffy has had quite a traumatic five years. As if it's not bad enough being a high school kid and then a college kid, she has been killed before by a vampire named The Master, she has lost the love of her life, Angel, found out that she had a sister that didn't exist before and most recently, lost her mother to a brain tumor.

These days she is working at the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High School as a counselor. Where she can help kids, not only from their personal problems, but from all the demons that arise as well.