Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense

Name: Cordelia Chase

Cordelia is the school bitch, although she does start to mellow out once she becomes part of the Scooby Gang. Cordelia adopted Buffy into the "in crowd" when Buffy first started school, but she soon dumped her because of Buffy's strange "not so cool" behaviour.

Cordelia always finds herself dragged into trouble, which is why she ends up doing research for the gang. She soon falls for Xander and starts secretly seeing him. She doesn't want anyone to know that she is seeing Xander because it will be bad for her image. Eventaully she breaks up with Xander when she catches him kissing Willow, but she still loves him.

Her father goes bankrupt and so she suddenly has no money, she even has to find a part time job to try to pay for her prom dress.

After her Dad is taken by the IRS her College plans go out of the window and she decides to leave Sunnydale and got to LA to seek fame and fortune as an actress. She however did not realise just how hard this would be, she struggles to meet the rent and keep herself in clothes and food. She runs into Angel and she starts working at his detective agency.