Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense

Date of Birth: 1954
Place of Birth: England
Occupation: Former Watcher/Owns the Magic Box

Rupert Giles was born in England, into a family of Watchers as his father and grandmother were Watchers. Giles was disappointed to find out that he was destined to be a Watcher; as he just wanted to be a fighter pilot. He studied at Oxford University, and rebelled against his destiny as a watcher by practicing in the occult with his friends (who nicknamed him "Ripper").

Giles soon submitted to his destiny and began working as a museum curator in England until the Watcher's Council assigned him to become the watcher of Buffy Summers in Sunnydale.

Giles has become very close to Buffy while working as the librarian at Sunnydale High. It could be insinuated that Giles is actually Buffy's stand-in father figure. You see, her real father lives in LA and she rarely sees him any more. Regrettably, the Watchers Council canned Giles because he informed Buffy that he had to revoke her powers temporarily so that she could participate in her 18th birthday ritual. The Council, not amused, sent in a new Watcher named Wesley Wyndam-Price to take active Watcher duty for Buffy. However, Giles remains in Sunnydale and continues to aid our hero with his vast knowledge. Not a man of many peers, Giles has dated only a few women in Sunnydale including Sunnydale High's computer teacher Jenny Calendar and his former girlfriend from England, Olivia.

Giles is intelligent and spends most of his time buried in a book, he can play the guitar, fence, and read five languages. Giles was replaced as Buffy watcher because he was become too emotionally attached to her. He has now become a man of leisure, and seems to be doing a lot of running!

Even though he is no longer Buffy's watcher, he is still there whenever she needs his help.

He recently purchased a magic store called the "Magic Box". After Buffy's resurrection Giles went back to his homeland of England leaving Anya in charge of the store.