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Name: Juliet Landau
Parents: Academy Award-winner Martin Landau and Barbara Bain
Dance: She has been trained as a ballerina and has performed with both the South California Ballet and the Los Angeles Dance Company
Born: 1971 in Los Angeles


Juliet began her career in Los Angeles and performed all over the world before returning to her home town.
She attended the American School in London graduated from the North Carolina Center for the Arts, starting her career as a ballerina. While she may have paid the bills dancing for five years, she had acting on the brain all along.
She became member of the world famous Actor's Studio and started auditioning for parts.
Movie Appearances:

Shopping (upcoming!)
From The Ground Up (upcoming!)
Repossessed (2002) - Alison Labatte
Freedom Park (2001) - ?
Random Acts (2001) - ?
Citizens Of Perpetual Indulgence (2000) - Juliet/Zoe
Carlo's Wake (1990) - Anna Torello
Ravager (1997) - Sarra Life
Life Among The Cannibals AKA Thrill Kill (1996) - Rachel
Theodore Rex (1995) - Doctor Shade
Ed Wood (1994) - Loretta King
Direct Hit (1994) - Shelly
Neon City (1992) - Twink
Pump Up The Volume (1990) - Joni/Jeni
The Grifters (1990) - Young Lilly

TV Appearances:

Angel (2000-2001) - Drusilla
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-1998, 2001) - Drusilla
La Femme Nikita ('Before I Sleep', 1999) - duel roles of both Sara Gerrard and Jan Bailin.
Millennium ('Forcing The End', 1999) - Jeanie Bronstein
Parker Lewis Can't Lose ('Dance Of Romance', 1992) - Lucinda