Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense

Name: Willow Rosenberg
Date of Birth: 1982
Place of Birth: Sunnydale,CA
Occupation: Witch/Student

The daughter of Ira and Shelia Rosenberg, Willow has always been very detached from her parents. So detached, in fact, that her mother tried to set her on fire, paying homage to those brave souls in Salem, Massachusetts circa 1692.

Willow is the brains of the gang, she loves computers, and study, which is why she helps Giles in the library doing all of the research.

Willow became instant friends with Buffy, and has grown up with Xander. She has had a crush on Xander for a long time but nothing besides a kiss has ever transpired between them.

She was always somewhat secretly attracted to Xander and she latched onto Buffy in sidekick capacity as soon as the Slayer moved to Sunnydale. Then, Willow fell madly in love with the werewolf Oz, who was considered by most to be the coolest kid at Sunnydale High because of his affiliation with a popular band named Dingoes Ate My Baby. Their relationship, like most of Willow's, ended up in misery when Oz could no longer control his primal instincts.

She was heartbroken when Oz cheated on her with Veruca, when he was in wolf form. She was so upset with him that she even tried to cast a spell to ease her pain.

Willow is a practicing witch, she is getting more daring with her spells as time goes by.

Most recently, Willow has spent her time with lesbian lover and fellow witch, Tara. During a crucial decision in her life when Oz returned for her, Willow decided that things had changed between her and the wolfman and pledged her love to Tara. who was recently killed. This drove Willow into a black magic rage. She then killed Warren who shot her true love. What will become of Willow is yet to be seen.