Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense

Name: Xander Harris
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Sunnydale, CA
Occupation: Odd Jobs/Construction Worker

Alexander LaVelle Harris, is the loyal, funny guy in the show, the "class clown", despite his questionable home life. He was the first person that Buffy meet at Sunnydale High, and he instantly developed a crush on her. Xander developed a dislike for Angel when he saw that Buffy was interested in him.

Born and raised in Sunnydale, Xander was never much of a student because he lacked academic discipline. On that note, he decided to forgo entering UC Sunnydale with the rest of the crew. Instead, he has taken jobs that range from washing dishes at a strip club, to bartending, to working in construction. He felt left out of the Scooby Gang as the others all attend collage together. Despite his poor schoolwork, he has proven on many occasions to be an irreplaceable addition to the team.

Xander is best friends with Willow who he has known his whole life. Although Willow has a crush on Xander, he never returns the feelings.

Xander has found himself pursuing the wrong women. He had a bad crush for Buffy early on in their relationship, he nearly became a late night snack to a she-mantis teacher, he fell for an Inca mummy and by kissing Willow, he ended up cheating on the one solid love interest that he had in high school, Cordelia. At one point he even had a quickie with unstable and bloodthirsty Slayer Faith. Although Xander's last relationship was with one-time demon Anya, their relationship didn't exactly start on what many would consider to be a stable partnership. Even though Xander and Anya went to prom together, when Anya returned to Sunnydale her intentions were to seduce Xander so that she could get him out of her mind. To her disappointment, the two fell for each other and despite their lack of understanding towards each other on occasion had a lasting and interesting relationship until he recently left Anya at the alter. This upsetting episode led Anya to return to her demon state.

For instance, he took on the role of "Nighthawk," and tried to keep things sane in Sunnydale while Buffy was missing at the beginning of his senior year in high school. A best friend with Willow since his youth, It is difficult to say how Xander will react to Buffy's death. When she disappeared at the beginning of his senior year, Xander was hurt and Buffy's lack of caring nearly resulted in a fistfight between the two. Knowing Xander though, what he lacks in discipline, he makes up for with heart.