Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense... Season One

Welcome the the Hellmouth/The Harvest
Series Premiere. Buffy must once again accept the duty to protect the world from vampires and stop the Master from rising.

The Witch
Buffy & friends must uncover & stop a witch at school that is wreaking havic on cheerleaders.

Teacher's Pet
Xander is seduced by his science teacher who is a praying mantis creature.

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Buffy realizes the difficulty in trying to date & slay when she wants to date Owen & stop the Annoited One from rising.

The Pack
Animal instincts run amok when Xander & other students become more primal after a trip to the zoo.

Mysterious cutie Angel reveals more than he wants after sharing a kiss with Buffy.

I Robot, You Jane
An evil spirit named Moloch seduces Willow over the Internet. The crew join forces with Jenny Calendar, the school's computer teacher and Giles's love interest.

The Puppet Show
The gang fights an organ stealing demon and a living ventriloquist's dummy while putting on the school's talent show.

As everyone's worst fears become reality, as people are haunted by waking nightmares.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
A social outcast becomes invisible and begins tormenting the popular kids.

Prophecy Girl
A book of infallible prophecies predicts that Buffy will face the Master in a battle to the death hers.