Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense... Season Four

The Freshman
Buffy, Willow and Oz go to college at UC Sunnydale. Buffy immediately comes face-to-face with a leader of a gang of vampire thieves named Sunday. Buffy has a difficult time adjusting, and her Slaying suffers because of it.

Living Conditions
Everyone wonders what's wrong with Buffy when she insists that her annoying roommate is evil. we learn that Buffy's roommate (who has a Celine Dion poster) Kathy is a demon who is hiding from her parents.

The Harsh Light of Day
Spike is back with ex-Sunnydale snob, Harmony, searching for a gem that will make him invincible; Buffy is distracted by her first attempt at getting back into the dating pool.

Fear, Itself
The gang finds themselves in a real-life house of horrors at a Halloween party, in which a Fear Demon, Gachnar, feeds on their individual fears.

Beer Bad
Buffy drowns her sorrows by drinking with some upperclassmen which turns them all into cromagnons. Xander, who is working at the bar grows concerned when they start to get in touch with their primordial roots.

Wild at Heart
Oz and Willow's relationship is up in arms when Oz is powerfully drawn to a female werewolf. Oz is tempted by the other werewolf named Veruca and ends up killing her. Oz then decides to leave Sunnydale and Willow.

The Initiative
Riley is involved with a government-run organization headed by Professor Walsh called The Initiative. Spike is imprisoned in the underground demon-research facility. Riley realizes he has a crush on Buffy. The Initiative places a chip in Spike's head that makes him unable to kill humans.

he spirit of a Native American named Hus wants blood in Sunnydale. Angel secretly arrives in Sunnydale to protect Buffy; Buffy tries to have a perfect Thanksgiving.

Something Blue
A spell by Willow goes awry, causing Giles to go blind and Buffy and Spike to fall in love and get engaged.

After the residents of Sunnydale lose the power of speech, Buffy battles strangely silent assailants, The Gentlemen, alongside an incredulous Riley.

Buffy and Riley struggle with the knowledge of each others' secrets; the gang must head back to high school to stop another apocalypse. Buffy tells Riley that she is The Chosen One. Spike starts to help out the gang.

A New Man
Ethan Rayne returns and transforms Giles into a demon. Giles must get help from Spike to savehis skin.

The I in Team
Buffy joins The Initiative which worries the gang. Walsh sends Buffy on a dangerous mission to try to kill her and Riley finds out. Professor Walsh's secret monster, Adam, kills his creator.

Goodbye Iowa
Buffy discovers the Initiative's secret weapon; Riley becomes disoriented and paranoid after the death of his mentor. Adam is on a rampage. Riley beings to get the DTs from the drugs that Walsh was injecting him with.

This Year's Girl
Faith wakes up from her coma and goes after Buffy, seeking revenge. She switches bodies with Buffy with a gift from the late mayor.

Who Are You
While Buffy is mistakenly kidnapped by the Watcher's Council, Faith wreaks havoc in Buffy's life. Tara manages to reverse Faith's body switching spell. Faith leaves town. Adam's power continues to grow.

A dork named Jonathan casts a spell to create an alternate reality where he is a superstar and Buffy is his sidekick. Buffy must put aside the turmoil she feels about Riley and Faith's night of passion to investigate Jonathan.

Where the Wild Things Are
Buffy and Riley have sex and bring to life the spirits of a bunch of children who believe sex is evil. When Buffy and Riley rouse this supernatural force, they are held hostage by the ghost-children who have returned to exact revenge for past abuses.

New Moon Rising
Oz returns to Sunnydale and is captured by the Initiative during a full moon; a conflicted Willow tells Buffy about her new relationship with Tara. Oz attempts to win Willow back. Unfortunately for him, Willow now loves Tara.

The Yoko Factor
Riley spars with Angel when Angel visits Sunnydale; Spike conspires with Adam to bring Buffy to her knees.

Adam's plan to craft a master race of human-demon hybrids unfolds while Buffy is at odds with Giles and the others. Adam captures Riley. Buffy and the gang defeat Adam by calling on the power of the original slayer.

After defeating Adam and his army, as well as The Initiative, Buffy and the crew watch movies. Unfortunately, the original Slayer has been awakened in their dreams.