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Episode 104 "Flooded"

Original Air Date: October 16, 2001
Written by Douglas Petrie & Jane Espenson
Directed by Douglas Petrie

Vampires Slain =

In an attempt to fix the plumbing problem in the house, Buffy accidentally floods the entire basement. Xander has his friend Tito stop the water from running anymore but it's going to be costly to repair the pipes. Seeing the bill, Willow tells Buffy that she's actually very broke and Joyce's life insurance got sucked up by the hospital bills. Anya suggests that Buffy start charging for slaying vampires which Buffy thinks is ridiculous. Anya storms out, followed by Xander. Anya's extremely on edge lately because they haven't said anything about their engagement. He wants to take it slow so that he can adapt porperly but Anya is losing patience and storms off in a huff.

Buffy applies for a loan but the bank manager can't help her at all. Suddenly the bank is attacked by a demon that Buffy quickly fights off while some person robs the bank. The demon runs off before she can kill him. Angered Buffy later on trains on a punching bag after having been rejected for her loan. The gang starts research and Dawn finds the demon. Suddenly Giles returns and Buffy is shocked to see him again. They embrace emotionally and then go into the back room of the Magic Box to chat for a little while. He says she looks tired, which she is because of the dreams she keeps having. He finds her somewhat detached and quiet and leaves her alone to train. In the main room Giles is relayed the information about the demon M'Fashnik that robbed the bank. Giles has heard of the demon but he doesn't know who's powerful enough to control it. M'Fashnik actually robbed the bank for Jonathan, Warren and Andrew (Tucker's brother) and in return the demon wants the Slayer dead. The three convene and they don't want to kill Buffy so they give the address and phone number of the Slayer to the demon.

Giles is staying at Buffy's place and she tells him about all the money problems. He tries to reassure her that she's doing remarkably well and he promises to help her in the morning. Later on Giles joins Willow in the kitchen and she starts telling him about the spell she performed. He thinks she's incredibly stupid with all the risks she took and that she is very lucky to be alive. Angry, Willow threatens him not to piss her off. Giles then says that they don't know where Buffy was and he's not convinced that she came out of this undamaged. Spike finds Buffy outside and she tells him she's exhausted of trying to act okay for her friends sake. Suddenly the M'Fashnik demon breaks into the house and Buffy fights him off, propelling him towards the basement. Breaking things along the way. She finally kills him in the flooded basement. Meanwhile Jonathan, Warren and Andrew have set up their base with all their money and their plan is to take over Sunnydale.

The next day everyone tries to patch together the broken lamps and tables destroyed in the fight. Buffy begins to doubt herself but Giles promises she can do this. The phone rings and it's Angel, who knows that Buffy is alive. They agree to meet somewhere between Sunnydale and Los Angeles. She leaves immediately.

Buffy Summers
Xander Harris
Willow Rosenberg
Rupert Giles
Mr. Savitsky
Bank Guard
  Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Emma Caulfield
Michelle Trachtenberg
James Marsters
Amber Benson
Anthony Stewart Head
Danny Strong
Adam Busch
Tom Lenk
Todd Stashwick
Michael Merton
John Jabaley
Brian Kolb