Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense...
Episode 105 "Life Serial"

Original Air Date: October 23, 2001
Written by David Fury & Jane Espenson
Directed by Nick Marck

Vampires Slain =

Buffy returns home with fried chicken but the group has already eaten. They ask questions but Buffy prefers to keep her intense meeting with Angel to herself. Giles asks her what she plans to do with her life now and she wants to enroll at Sunnydale U again but she missed the cutoff so she'll just go to classes with Willow and Tara anyway, to catch up. Meanwhile Jonathan, Warren and Andrew plan to test the Slayer and have set up a van full of surveillance equipment in order to spy on her. The next day Buffy goes to Willow's sociology class and ends up totally lost in all the terminology and lecture. After class Warren runs into Buffy and plants a small metallic button on her. Suddenly Buffy hears a buzzing noise and time moves rapidly. It stops and when Buffy goes to drink from a water fountain, it happens again but this time Tara's down the hall telling her they're going to be late for Art Appreciation. Seconds later the time speeds up again and Buffy's left alone in an empty hall. Confused beyong belief, Buffy goes outside where time picks up even faster. Buffy finally finds the small button on her and just as she's about to touch it, Warren hits the self- destruct button and the metallic button dissolves. Inside the van, Warren celebrates his victory.

The next day, Xander has Buffy hired at his construction work. Unfortunately the guys there don't appreciate her and she ends up surprising them by lifting a 200 pound beam with little effort. Except now she's getting hassled because she's working too fast and the workers are paid by the hour. Meanwhile the three "villains" have arrived on the scene and Andrew summons several demons. While fighting them, Buffy knocks out the foreman and destroys a large chunk of the construction. Buffy kills all three demons and they melt into nothingness. Andrew's watching and he's upset that his demons are dead. He accidentally falls on the horn that beeps out the Star Wars theme, drawing Buffy's attention to their black van. Xander finds Buffy amid the mess and some angry construction workers and she's promptly fired.

Buffy then takes on a job helping Anya at The Magic Box. Andrew, Warren and Jonathan have set up outside the shop and Jonathan performs a spell. A woman then enters the shop requesting a mummy hand. Buffy goes into the back to get it but it attacks her and she kills it. Of course the woman refuses to buy it because now all of its mystical energy is lost. Suddenly the woman enters the shop again and Buffy repeats her actions again. Inside the van, Jonathan explains that his spell forces Buffy to satisfy the customer. But Buffy can never get it right and is forced to repeat the situation over and over and over again. Buffy then finally figures out that she can special order a mummy hand for the woman. Frustrated, even though she completed the sale, Buffy quits.

Buffy goes to Spike's crypt where they down several shots of whiskey. Buffy tells him that someone is testing her and Spike suggests finding out some info from demons. They go to a demon bar where Spike plays cards to get some info. Later on Buffy leaves, definitely drunk and angry that Spike couldn't help her out. She's unhappy because she doesn't understand school, can't keep a job and doesn't know what to do with her life.

Outside the bar Buffy spots the van and recognizes it from the construction site. A fake demon appears from behind the van. Buffy tries to attack it but can barely connect, due to her drunkeness, and lands a flimsy kick on it. The "demon" runs back to the van and jumps inside. It's actually Jonathan in disguise.

Buffy returns home where Giles tries to help her out after she's thrown up so much. Giles says she was tested by some demon and that it's not her fault. She's pushing herself too hard. Giles then offers her a cheque with a sum so high that she's awash in shock. She thanks him profusely and tells him that she feels safe knowing he's always going to be around. Giles smiles but as she leaves the room, he exhales heavily.

Buffy Summers
Xander Harris
Willow Rosenberg
Rupert Giles
Professor Bellamy
Woman Customer
Male Customer
Rat-Faced Demon
Slime-Covered DEmon
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Mummy Hand
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