Starr's Buffy Page; Slayer Sense...
Episode 29 "Passion"

Original Air Date: February 24, 1998
Written by Ty King
Directed by Michael E. Gershman

Vampires Slain = 0

Buffy wakes up in the morning to discover a piece of paper sitting on her pillow. She unfolds it to discover a sketch of her face while she was sleeping. Buffy knows that Angel must have been in her bedroom during her sleep. At the library, Buffy pleads to Giles that he find a spell that would reverse the invitation into her home. Buffy and Giles then stop by Jenny Calendar's computer class to meet Willow, who has just been assigned by Jenny to fill in as class teacher the next day for the first few minutes. As Buffy and Willow leave, Jenny does her best to apologize to Giles, who insists that Buffy is the one who deserves the apology. Jenny also gives Giles a book that she has been reading since Angel lost his soul.

That night, Buffy tells her mother during dinner that Angel has been sort of stalking her lately. Buffy asks Joyce to never invite him into the house. Later, Buffy talks to Willow over the phone. During their conversation, Willow notices an envelope on her bed. She opens it and discovers that all the fish from her aquarium have been removed and strung along a wire, which she slowly pulls out of the envelope. Willow quickly retreats to Buffy's house to spend the night.

At the factory the next morning, Spike grows increasingly tired of Angel's presence. Their argument is interrupted by Drusilla, who falls onto the table in pain, for she senses something going on that may endanger them. What she senses is Jenny's visit to the local craft shop. Jenny purchases an Orb of Thesulah which she needs to restore Angel's soul. The shopkeeper warns her that the transliteration annals have been lost for many years, but Jenny tells him that she's working on a computer program that could translate the text.

The next morning, Giles gives Jenny's book to Buffy and points out the revoking spell that he just found. Buffy and Willow first help Cordy perform the steps on her car. The three of them then perform the spell in Willow's house. While there, Cordy notices a piece of paper left on Willow's bed. Willow unfolds it, then hands it to Buffy. It is a sketch of Joyce, asleep and completely unaware of Angel's presence. Buffy and Willow race to her house to perform the spell. Joyce soon pulls into the driveway, where Angel waits for her to get out of the car. Angel pleads with Joyce to help him get Buffy back, and he eventually mentions the night they made love. Joyce finally unlocks the front door and enters the house. Angel tries to follow her in, but a force holds him back. He then sees Buffy and Willow coming down the steps, and the door is promptly slammed in front of him. Back in Jenny's classroom, Giles walks in. She tells him that she may have some good news, so Giles invites her to stop by his house later. Meanwhile, Drusilla visits the shopkeeper after hours and asks him what he's been up to with Jenny Calendar.

Jenny finally completes her program. She saves the translated text on a floppy disk which she removes from the disk drive. As she prints out the text, she notices that Angel is sitting in the classroom. He destroys the Orb of Thesula, her computer, and the print-out. Angel then chases Jenny through the school halls before finally catching her in front of the second floor window. In a single instant, Angel snaps Jenny's neck, then drops her to the floor.

Meanwhile, Giles stops by Buffy's house to pick up Jenny's book so he can perform the revoking spell at his house. Upstairs, Joyce talks with Buffy about her irresponsibility. When Giles gets home, he hears opera music playing and finds a rose on his door. He enters and finds chilled wine, glasses, and a note that simply reads "Upstairs". He follows a path of roses up the staircase, but what he finds is everything but romantic. Jenny's dead body lies in his bed, and Giles drops the glasses and wine to the floor. Giles stares blankly ahead as the coroners take Jenny's body out of the house. The cops then ask Giles to come with them to the police station to answer a few questions. Giles asks if he could first use the phone. As the phone rings at Buffy's house, Angel watches from outside, through the windows. He watches Buffy's face as she gives the phone, then slowly collapses against the wall behind her. Willow immediately bursts into tears, and Joyce runs in to console her. After a while of recovery, Xander and Cordy arrive to give Buffy and Willow a lift to Giles' house. At this very moment, Giles stuffs his weapons into a duffel bag and takes off for the factory. Buffy and the others arrive too late, but they know where he's headed. At the factory, Giles throws a flame bomb into the middle of the floor, setting it ablaze. Before Angel can run, an arrow pins him against a post behind him. As he pulls it out, Giles ignites a club in the flames and proceeds to beat Angel repetitively with it. Finally, Angel grabs Giles by the neck and picks him up, but Buffy arrives just in time to take over the fight. Their battle carries on to the catwalk above, but before Buffy can finish Angel off, he reminds her of Giles, who remains collapsed by the rapidly spreading flames. He then throws Buffy over the rail, but she lands on her feet and rescues Giles, thus allowing to Angel to escape once again. Outside, Giles is furious at Buffy for interferring in his fight, but she punches him and tells him to never leave her alone.

Another day, another morning, Giles and Buffy stand over Jenny's grave. Buffy has finally realized that she is ready to finish Angel. In the computer classroom, Willow takes over as substitute teacher until the new teacher can arrive. As she arranges Jenny's desk, she unknowingly drops a disk through a crack between the desk and a file cabinet. There the disk lies, the key to Angel's restoration.

Buffy Summers
Xander Harris
Willow Rosenberg
Cordelia Chase
Rupert Giles
Joyce Summers
Jenny Calendar
  Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Charisma Carpenter
David Boreanaz
Anthony Stewart Head
Kristine Sutherland
Robia LaMorte
James Marsters
Juliet Landau